Don’t poke the bear Canada!!! Do you remember the millions you had to spend after I kicked your ass in the last fight?

You have one week to fix this unconstitutional delay…

Ok then – This is serious… How many friends do I have? Please pray to fill me with the Holy Spirit and give me patience and understanding as the Government of Canada has my money again and they won’t give it back. Let’s seriously pray for the poor souls that work at Service Canada on the 21st of February and the process of getting my money has not begun.
I have been up for 26 hours waiting to file my return because my taxes serve as a HSA fund and I need the money for; well, health endeavours. And up until this AM CRA was supposed to have the NETFILE option functional on the 15th. They do not – I do not care, I want my money and am prepared to battle to the death for it. (Which is to say I will see my death before I let this injustice go un-noticed or un-accounted for)

So friends – Please, pray for the Government of Canada as they approach conflict with a formidable foe (Me). We have fought this fight before and I have won – You really want to do it again, Canada?

Please pray for the brave men and women who stand before me ready to blindly go into battle with the notion I stand alone. Kill me before I kill you. (I don’t want to have to kill anyone – but again, I will see my death before I let you ‘paint’ me with that brush.   Winnipeg Police Service is full of meat-head, wanna beat me up cops… draw your guns boys… the internet is watching.)

And lastly pray for me as many of you know I have done this before with a drastic toll on my health, but I stood on sound principals and am convicted of it. So the price has already been paid and I am willing to follow thru. GET ME MY MONEY!

Friends be prepared to support me at a local ‘Service Canada’ outlet on the 21st. Specifically Jamie Kuivenhoven, Scotty the asshole, John Kuivenhoven, Shaun Kuivenhoven, Sean Hodgson, Gerald Hodgson, Barry Wayne Rochelle, Brad Rochelle (just in case), Sonny, Tim Enns,Paul Labutte,Shaun Zabor , Floyd Perras, Jan Giesbrecht, Patti Long, Kim Prevost, Russell Boyes (Pattie Boyes) & Dennis Larret (Brittany Larret, Amanda Larret (also just in case)
Also I would like to invite the Winnipeg Sun (Floyd Perras) to be an advocate rather than what they did last time; Defamation of character.
Please share as last time this happened it was over thousands of dollars and Winnipeg police trumped up charges against me and swept the governmental shortcomings under the rug.

They did not tell you in the paper they deprived me of my medication for weeks before the incident or that I was there trying to resolve my $11,000 claim… Just said, I took a hostage.

… there was no hostage… he rushed me and I got scared and told him to stay back or I would throw him out the window after I run him thru with my painters tool (Richards). When he stopped and started to cry I asked him to call the police for us and he did.
They came and looked for me for about half an hour 45 min, found me, broke into a private meeting and beat me up and threw me in jail. In 2003 I got convicted of assault and can’t get a decent job since 9/11 as I have a criminal record.
This is the first I have ever talked about it publicly – I never even made a statement to the police other than when they asked me if I was suicidal. I replied “Oh I have a list alright and I am on it but I am not at the top; So no – Not suicidal at the moment…
Please share, make this injustice go viral as the toll this battle takes on my health may be fatal and I don’t want the details slanted again. I was the one assaulted by ‘Service Canada’ when they frightened me first – ask a lawyer. (Their thievery was disguised as a garnishment justified with inaccuracy – but I had been addressing it for months and for weeks with Lawrence Funk, 3x he said the garnishment would stop.)

Thank you for reading you are a true friend I appreciate the support. Again please share, like or copy and paste.

Cheers and goodwill…


Doug E Larret

204 960 8058

PS – If you just want to throw me under the bus just text me, I will understand and accept my fate from another countryman but not the ‘man’… are we having fun yet?

Other things Raspberry…

Here are a couple of ‘place holders’ in case you want to get a head start.

Servo Hat

Pan and Tilt.

Installing CUPS print server with Samsung CLP-320 Driver.

For the longest time I used Window XP as my print server on my home network.  Since there is no longer support for Windows XP I have migrated to Linux.  The issue with Linux is usually drivers – Specifically the driver for the Samsung CLP-320 laser printer.

To save time and effort I will link to the resource I referenced to accomplish the task:

Make Your Own Wireless Printer With A Raspberry Pi

You don’t really need to wifi but this documentation cover it anyway and it will not hurt anything.
This is the driver resource, I will upload or link to source if I can figure it out.
Not sure how it works but installing the following makes a Samsung CLP-325 show in the CUPS ‘add printer’ dialog. Selecting the ‘325’ configures CUPS to work with the CLP-320.

wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz

Hello world!

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