Where did my life go…

Computers have sucked the life out of me, we have a love hate relationship.  Currently running many computers and I was just gonna go through them and make a few notes.

The first one is the smallest one and I got it because I could… it was $4.99 brand new and had the horse power of a late 90’s computer.  When I got an idea to use it for a go-pro style camera but it would be connected to a server in the truck/lunch kit.  When the poor girl showed her weakness for speech I retired the project on that platform.  Now all she does is watch Jasper sit and do nothing – making sure the screen goes off.  There is not monitor for the Zero, it only gets shelled into and controlled by web interface.

The next computer we will look at is Jasper.  Although that one does not have the camera module he is completely functional software wise to detect motion and listen to speech.  This unit is capable of a camera but it is just not connected yet.

When I say ‘listen to speech’ I actually mean it will process speech.  It can parse what you say and perform complicated functions.  That computer is worth $59.99 not including case and power supply.

Something noteworthy about these little computers I am addicted to – they are manufactured by a non profit foundation to promote cost-effective hardware for lower income countries.  When I buy them from the distributor a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.  The charity is the foundation whose mandate is to facilitate higher learning regarding technology in the poorer countries; They run Linux since it is free and makes the fekkin awesome.

This is an original model Pi that I have retired but have sentimental attachment to. You can see we have worked long and hard together by the mess of attachments on the connected breadboard.  This was my first pi and cost $35 with no support components.  Quickly it became my media box connected to my LivingRoom TV.  The mods that were made to this: Added IR receiver sensor to facilitate assorted functions.  Also added IR transmitter circuitry so the Pi could control the TV.  This machine is called Ol’ Pi.

The next Pi I want to show you is the replacement for the monstrosity of my first media player Pi – We call it OSMC.  It looks better but I still have to leave the cover off until I figure out active heat control.  When she is working hard she likes to overheat.

OSMC stands for Open Source Media Centre and is running on the latest Pi 3.  This little baby has integrated Bluetooth, Wifi and stock out of the box HDMI-CEC.  For sure you know what Bluetooth and Wifi are but the HDMI-CEC I will explain.  Different manufacturers will use different marketing phrases – any way, HDMI Consumer Electronics Control says it all (that is a link).  But yeah nice little piece of hardware for barebones price of $60.  Does an excellent job driving our 62″ TV with most media.

The next Pi I will show you is the media harvester Pi… it scours the internet for anything I tell it to and is connected to network storage so it has virtually unlimited upgradability for storage.  With this little baby I can find and download a 1080p movie in under 2 minutes if sources are right.  It does not have a monitor, mouse or keyboard.  Again it is operated thru web interfaces for selections and configs and ssh (command prompt) for maintenance.

You can see an example of what this computer does at my sight at SickRage.webhop.me. If you scroll down to the ‘Hello World’ post you will see a bunch of links… Just hold down the ‘shift’ key when clicking on them and it will open the interface in a new window so you won’t get lost.  Lemme know if you want help watching TV.

The last Pi I am gonna show you is my TouchPi.  It has facial recognition and tracking which is really cool.  Makes use of pan and tilt servos controlled directly by the Pi but get power from separate source.  Mostly this one is used for a printer server.  No word of a lie, our house has printer issues.  I used this Pi because it has the touch screen and makes monitoring issues easier.

And the last Pi I don’t even have a picture of and I will limit my description due to the sensitive nature of it’s function.  It is a Pi 2 and secures the network and facilitates/interfaces with home automation and security.  Other than custom software I have added a Z-Wave module to it.  That concludes my collection of small computers with no keyboards or mice.
I have 2 other computers with monitors and keyboards.  These other computers interface and control the rest of the computers.  The notebook is the one I use most and it runs OSX.  Very capable machine and portable.  I have pictures of it but it is just a regular looking Asus G75VW that rocks.

The last computer… It is a penetration beast.  It is host to 6 fixed disks and one ‘hot swap’ bay with a disk in it for a total of 7 drives.  It runs every version of OSX since Tiger and every Windows and every Linux.  While I leave it booted to Sierra I can boot anything I have installed for what ever purpose I want.  It has a special wifi interface for hacking, with the ability for packet injection.  On the inside is 2 SLI Nvidia GPU’s that make code hacking a breeze.  Of course this machine only boots to nefarious capable systems after waivers and contracts are signed.  It must be made perfectly clear – there are never any illegal doings on my computers… Not even so much as a jiggle as far as porn… This machine is for educational purposes only.

Another thing that is cool about my OSXes… The desktop cube.  Most people like one computer doing one thing and they are happy with one desktop.  Computers are far to slow for my so while I wait for one task I will just rotate the cube and get a fresh desktop for a new work flow.

Generally if I am hard coring I like to do 15-20 hour shifts… This was not possible in the old days where computers had CRT for displays.  Now with LCD I can do 26 hours and not even get a headache.  With the old school monitors I would have such a bad headache I would puke after just 10-12 hrs… Leaps and bounds.

Service Canada resolves deficiencies by calling RCMP on clients…

So apparently after I had been giving Service Canada the gears about going down to figure out why they are holding my money. Service Canada alleged I was going down to someplace with a gun… RCMP came to my house, when I went and answered the door to step out and talk to them I noticed his partner bearing down on me with a shotgun… When I ran back in the house the officer smashed the window on my door… On that happy note not even a shotgun could stop me I went out to confront the vandals and was threatened some more with ‘eating lead’ and such…
Needless to say I was arrested. Not being of weak constitution I did what I said I was going to do at Service Canada and am off to get arrested again as I do not want armed personnel on my property.
I do not care if I live or die… I will die trying to stick up for my rights.  Hey this is Canada – this type of behaviour is criminal.  Our forefathers and relatives did not make their sacrifices for this shit!!!
While I can sit here and reflect on it, you must understand… I thought I lived in Canada where if you behaved, loved you neighbour and did the right thing – Life would be good.  Unbeknownst to me while I was honing my skills on my double edged sword (printing documentation Service Canada was expecting) the RCMP are coming to deal with an armed criminal according to the information they received from Service Canada.  The knock came and I answered the door with the above explanation.
After I was detained, we endured a meeting of the minds one at a time… the point is I was in the back of the cop car and the officers were yucking it up – sure wish I heard what the compulsive liars were saying.  This happened on two noteworthy occasions once I was in the driveway in the cop car and once on the street.  What I am trying to say is we hung around the neighbourhood for quite a few minutes.  When we passed my house again there were 2 cruisers in the drive – This concerned me.
When queried Constable Dan Nichol said they were just helping my son to get the dogs – comforted, I accepted his explanation.  It was not until later I found out the officer was a liar – they were searching my house.  When I got home my room was all messed up, there was mud and glass tracked in – It was very unsettling.
Not sure if anyone else sees the injustice here – I was at gun point arrested and taken away from my property,  myself and my family were lied to etc.  Because some poor chump that works at Service Canada could not handle my attitude resulting from a failed pre-emptive effort to maintain my sickness benefits from being interrupted.  Not making sense… I took Service Canada a copy of the note I used to get the first 5 weeks of benefits, got the Dr. office to amend the letter re-sign and stamp with the new lack of availability.  While I waited for over an hour I left them with the notion I need more sick benefits and the documentation supporting my request February 8, 2017.
Friday the 24th of February Service Canada accepted a claim for 2 weeks of benefits – The following Tuesday I was expecting a two week payment and got half.  Without notice or any warning what so ever half my pay was missing.  When I called about missing money (this is getting winded) They claimed the note that was good for the first 5 weeks was not good for anymore weeks.  Making my Doctor’s office go above and beyond I got a new letter and spent hours on the phone with Service Canada trying to avoid a visit to one of the centres.  My efforts had little success, Daniel in Thunder Bay told me to bring the documentation in.

For a broad picture I will include the documentation I am referring




With the above details it leaves very little room for confusion… and as Constable Dan Nichol said “Government of Canada is full of morons.”  I concurred and quickly interjected as it was him doing the damage with the shotgun – “You got a call from a moron at Service Canada saying I threatened him and came to my house with guns drawn”  Shaking my head in disbelieve I don’t think he picked up on the complete and utter stupidity of the sequence of events he just explained.

As the day unfolded the alleged ‘uttering threats’ escalated to ‘there were claims there were fire arms’ all the way up to Dan claiming he was afraid for the safety of him and his partner… Uh – try answering the door with a shotgun in your face.  Bullshit – I am comforted with a painter poll and an Olfa knife; Don’t tell me a fully armed and vested fellow with over 16 years RCMP experience was afraid of anything more than missing his coffee break.  This reaction he had to my cowardice of fire arms was a breach of the Criminal Code Section 430 of which he is guilty of offences too numerous to note.

While I was discouraged from making a formal complaint as Constable/Staff Sargent Gilbert (don’t quote me) said he was gonna get my smashed window paid for I don’t expect resolve out of court.  He also claimed he would come and assess the damage – almost 7:30, I think we can call it a no show.  As I said to him – “RCMP no longer have my respect – I do not believe a word they say as they are paid henchmen for assorted authorities.

Dan Nichol, lots to say to you friend… some advice tho – Quit lying.  Although you have lied to me on a number of occasions the two that stick out were when you lied about the illegal search in my home and the lie where you deny calling Canadian Government workers morons…  Check with your colleagues and you will find it is a word you use often, my trademark description of intellectually deficient people is “Dumb fuck!”  While I am talented with people I cannot choose their words – This is why I perceive you as a liar – Please do prove me wrong.

While you have this weakness for inaccuracies or untruths don’t for one second accuse me.  As I stated when you asked if my son and room mate would take me to see the Dr. I said I would and I did.  I said I was going to do things at Service Canada and I did… do you see the pattern here, I do what I say.

Well you can see me here in front of Selkirk Mental Hospital after I got a ride from My Girl and my son.  The place smells so I don’t think I well be spending too much time there but I went;  Again I forgive you for saying I lied to you.

While this is all well and good it says nothing but I was willing to pose for a pic.  Before I took the picture the 3 of us went in and queried… I interrupted and asked for a card.  Some lady did not like that so she just was short and said “I was speaking with this lady”.  After they were done discussing protocol I asked for a card again; When she gave it to My Girl, I took it from My Girl and thanked the lady in the face.

Please know this is authentic proof I went to the Doctor even though I did not get the nurse’s “Who Gives a Fuck” stamp on it.

Lastly I would like to address the firearms… It is quite obvious you do not know how to responsibly handle a firearm and when they are required so this notice is for all RCMP – Firearms are to be locked in your vehicle while you are a guest at my home.  Firearms will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.  If you need more resources – Call for back-up.  When you come to my door with a shotgun I will be defending myself and my property with every legal means available.  Just for those slow on the uptake the only guns you will find here are the ones you fellas are waving around and I am gonna assume they are not for show and tell.

March 13, 2017

And they still try to extort money from me and play dumb… shameful behaviour Canada!!!

Just checking in regarding SickRage!

Waiting for a buddy and thinking of a few more I decided to jot down some notes.  There is a mis-conception that I am a smart guy.  There is nothing further from the truth;  When it comes to technical issues I just read the tech notes (It is a bit hard as I read/comprehend at a low level not being a reader) and follow the instructions.

Since the notes don’t post very well on FaceBook I will note the page here…

This is the link to the SickRage Page

This is a starting point and represents the tip of the iceberg… Let me know what other things you are interested in.

A time and a season…

In this post we will examine the facts and establish my case for ‘Wrongful Dismissal’.  During these efforts we will be reviewing facts only; If I have to break out the recordings to save my home, family and life I will.  Please keep in mind, although it may be criminal to record people without them knowing – the crimes against me and the establishment will render the perpetrator deficient and as such will not be able to travel abroad, coach or be involved with kids sports (Soccer) and eventually the ‘Criminal status’ will take it’s toll financially.

Although you may not visibly see my deficiencies they are real and I am willing to bring you medical documentation regarding them.
Yelling at me for any reason is not permitted – it makes me yell at Wade and he does not deserve it.  This abusive action is like tipping a guy over in a wheel chair or kicking a crutch out from under a handi-capable person; It’s not right.
Moving forward can you please make sure everyone gets the memo.
Doug L.
204 960 8058
Above (dated 8/6/16) explains in an e-mail an accommodation that I require to function as a gentleman.  When ignorant insensitive people do not comply I respond accordingly and try to make my point.  This e-mail was sent after Albert tried to bully me about a truck I was taking out of service because it was broke (seat).
Here is another request for accommodations…
I am under a Doctor’s care for panic condition symptoms, anxiety symptoms and the natural filter people have on their speech and thots does not work properly.
I have to avoid stressful conditions that trigger the panic and anxiety attacks and really concentrate to not say anything inappropriate in my attempts to be efficient and effectively communicate.
As far as a diagnosis/prognosis and medications I am taking I will have to refer you to my Doctor and Pharmacist for the 411 on that if you still want it.
And just as a follow up to Friday’s events I will be happy to discuss the details of company events on company time.  Keep in mind I will not be participating in a raised voice discussion.  Thanks for working with me to overcome my deficiencies.
Doug L.
204 960 8058
Above (dated 7/23/16) is another example of my lack of tolerance for being yelled at and also mentions I will not be participating in the ‘unpaid staff meetings’.  Keith is a bit of a blow hard that likes to flex his ‘boss’ muscle but I have no time for things such as this.
In addition to these very serious requests I let Keith know I could not work more than 12 or 13 hours a day.  On one occasion I went into work first thing and one of the jobs were at Sturgeon and Portage and it would go late in the evening.  Keith reviewed my conditions and delegated that job to Deakan.
Toward the end of the season Maple Leaf Construction needed a couple of trucks for some street milling in Fort Richmond/St. Norbert area of town.  Wade and myself went to the job site arriving just before 7AM on September 29, 2016.  We did a number of streets and I got in an accident but the day finally ended with no incident.  Wade expressed his gratitude for me putting in the long day and I replied ‘Today was the easy part but these long days leave me messed up for a few days so lets be careful’.
Friday, the next day we were demolishing a condemned house and hauling debris and waste to Progressive land fill on #7.  My ‘load tarp’ was damaged so I was forced to run the risk of getting a ticket because yet again Keith Gibson was too cheap or lazy to fix my truck.  Also the drivers seat was still broken and the passenger seat was missing – Surprised the Maple Leaf employee did not have issue when he needed a ride with no seat the day before. During the Progressive visit I was yelled at entering (at the scale) and suggested there was no reason to yell at me, I went to dump at the tipping point and the machine operator yelled at me… I moved and chose to dump elsewhere and the machine operator got out of his equipment and yelled at me some while taking pictures (I struck a pose while trying to cope).  After dumping I went down the hill and met Wade and stopped to evaluate my tarp; the same girl I asked not to yell at me when I entered the property started yelling at me across the yard – I reiterated my request and asked her to “Fuck Off” as my coping skills were completely depleted.
When I was leaving the Progressive site my leaky air seat launched me into the roof of my cab as I went over the speed bump.  After your neck takes a beating like that it hurts – It was sprain (ed?).  So close to the end of the season I worried about getting my hours so I just drank beer and took T3.
After not sleeping Sunday night due to the injury I called in Monday and explained to Wade I could not perform my duties safely so I would be taking the day off.  Keith got the info and called me and told me I was fired.  I begged for my job and he said to come in and work and he’d think about it til the end of the day.  When the end of the day came Keith gave me a ride to another driver and that driver drove me back to the yard where my car was.  Mission accomplished my job was saved.
The next day (Tuesday I had booked off for medical reasons – I had a Doctors appointment and scheduled the whole day off and received no pay) I went about my business and got health concerns addressed. (Not the wrecked neck I acquired from the incident at Progressive.)
Wednesday I called in the AM and asked what was on the agenda for the day and was told there was no work but given a time to come into the office/shop to have a meeting with Keith.  On my way to the appointment Keith texted me and told me there was no meeting anymore.  Being out and about and some of my work gear was being misplaced I went to the shop anyway.  I found my hardhat and what ever else I had on my mind and left.
In traffic I saw Keith and he ‘motioned’ for me to follow him back to the shop.  When I got there he started to address his agenda starting to babble about the whiners at progressive.  I immediately clarified ‘I am getting paid for this, right?’. It went back and forth a bit and started to get heated so I left and drove up the road.  Stopping to get my composure and exercise my coping skills, I finished and filled out my time sheet and brought it back.  After working with Keith for some weeks I learned he is a liar, rager with low self esteem, so when I got back and he was still at stroke level I was not surprised.
Even though he was mad I gave him the time sheet and he said ‘You don’t really think you are getting paid for this?’ I said I was not there for my benefit, so yes, being subordinate to Keith entitles me to pay.  He raised himself from his chair and said ‘You get out of here before I kick you in the head’ and called for Albert (out having a smoke) like the coward he is.
After a long history with violence I know it would be very dangerous even though I was very afraid, to turn my back on this cowardly spiteful man… I got in his face and did my best ‘pufferfish’ imitation and cautioned him before I left.  While I have a recording of the incident I am not sure the legal ramification of getting it so I just went to the RCMP and made a statement.
This meeting was not paid and ended short but did pick up on being fired because of missing Monday, hurting my neck, telling some bitch to ‘fuck off’ or walking away from being mistreated.  Take your pick they are all conditions for wrongful dismissal.
Lets get this resolved or I will see you in court.  I want to drive a safe truck when the weather turns or I will bring all my efforts against Gibson Excavating (204) 479-1057 and exhaust Lea-Ann Stevens-Malthouse (204) 334-5436.  Construction, demolition or what ever the job – Everyone deserve respect and an opportunity to be a working, productive member of society.  I know I can move forward from this can Keith?

Don’t poke the bear Canada!!! Do you remember the millions you had to spend after I kicked your ass in the last fight?

You have one week to fix this unconstitutional delay…

Ok then – This is serious… How many friends do I have? Please pray to fill me with the Holy Spirit and give me patience and understanding as the Government of Canada has my money again and they won’t give it back. Let’s seriously pray for the poor souls that work at Service Canada on the 21st of February and the process of getting my money has not begun.
I have been up for 26 hours waiting to file my return because my taxes serve as a HSA fund and I need the money for; well, health endeavours. And up until this AM CRA was supposed to have the NETFILE option functional on the 15th. They do not – I do not care, I want my money and am prepared to battle to the death for it. (Which is to say I will see my death before I let this injustice go un-noticed or un-accounted for)

So friends – Please, pray for the Government of Canada as they approach conflict with a formidable foe (Me). We have fought this fight before and I have won – You really want to do it again, Canada?

Please pray for the brave men and women who stand before me ready to blindly go into battle with the notion I stand alone. Kill me before I kill you. (I don’t want to have to kill anyone – but again, I will see my death before I let you ‘paint’ me with that brush.   Winnipeg Police Service is full of meat-head, wanna beat me up cops… draw your guns boys… the internet is watching.)

And lastly pray for me as many of you know I have done this before with a drastic toll on my health, but I stood on sound principals and am convicted of it. So the price has already been paid and I am willing to follow thru. GET ME MY MONEY!

Friends be prepared to support me at a local ‘Service Canada’ outlet on the 21st. Specifically Jamie Kuivenhoven, Scotty the asshole, John Kuivenhoven, Shaun Kuivenhoven, Sean Hodgson, Gerald Hodgson, Barry Wayne Rochelle, Brad Rochelle (just in case), Sonny, Tim Enns,Paul Labutte,Shaun Zabor , Floyd Perras, Jan Giesbrecht, Patti Long, Kim Prevost, Russell Boyes (Pattie Boyes) & Dennis Larret (Brittany Larret, Amanda Larret (also just in case)
Also I would like to invite the Winnipeg Sun (Floyd Perras) to be an advocate rather than what they did last time; Defamation of character.
Please share as last time this happened it was over thousands of dollars and Winnipeg police trumped up charges against me and swept the governmental shortcomings under the rug.

They did not tell you in the paper they deprived me of my medication for weeks before the incident or that I was there trying to resolve my $11,000 claim… Just said, I took a hostage.

… there was no hostage… he rushed me and I got scared and told him to stay back or I would throw him out the window after I run him thru with my painters tool (Richards). When he stopped and started to cry I asked him to call the police for us and he did.
They came and looked for me for about half an hour 45 min, found me, broke into a private meeting and beat me up and threw me in jail. In 2003 I got convicted of assault and can’t get a decent job since 9/11 as I have a criminal record.
This is the first I have ever talked about it publicly – I never even made a statement to the police other than when they asked me if I was suicidal. I replied “Oh I have a list alright and I am on it but I am not at the top; So no – Not suicidal at the moment…
Please share, make this injustice go viral as the toll this battle takes on my health may be fatal and I don’t want the details slanted again. I was the one assaulted by ‘Service Canada’ when they frightened me first – ask a lawyer. (Their thievery was disguised as a garnishment justified with inaccuracy – but I had been addressing it for months and for weeks with Lawrence Funk, 3x he said the garnishment would stop.)

Thank you for reading you are a true friend I appreciate the support. Again please share, like or copy and paste.

Cheers and goodwill…


Doug E Larret

204 960 8058

PS – If you just want to throw me under the bus just text me, I will understand and accept my fate from another countryman but not the ‘man’… are we having fun yet?

Other things Raspberry…

Here are a couple of ‘place holders’ in case you want to get a head start.



Servo Hat

Pan and Tilt.

Installing CUPS print server with Samsung CLP-320 Driver.

For the longest time I used Window XP as my print server on my home network.  Since there is no longer support for Windows XP I have migrated to Linux.  The issue with Linux is usually drivers – Specifically the driver for the Samsung CLP-320 laser printer.

To save time and effort I will link to the resource I referenced to accomplish the task:

Make Your Own Wireless Printer With A Raspberry Pi

You don’t really need to wifi but this documentation cover it anyway and it will not hurt anything.

This is the driver resource, I will upload or link to source if I can figure it out.
Not sure how it works but installing the following makes a Samsung CLP-325 show in the CUPS ‘add printer’ dialog. Selecting the ‘325’ configures CUPS to work with the CLP-320.

wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/foo2zjs.tar.gz

Hello world!

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